Lleca Teatro


Mick Sarria is an Autonomous theatre maker, actor, director and founder of Lleca Teatro (2006)

Mick Sarria (León, 1981). Autonomous theatre maker. Actor, director and founder of Lleca Teatro (2006). In April 2018, when the first two students were shot by police at the start of the protests, Sarria directly stood up against the government and posted a statement on his social media. Just a couple of days earlier he and Lleca Teatro had presented their play Cain and the Dogs at a Central American theatre festival in the National Theatre of Managua. While the festival went on, Sarria and a number of his actors joined the protests in his birth city. In December 2018 one of the actors, Alexander Cruz, was detained and is currently still being held as a political prisoner. Due to the persecution, harassment and violence against his person and group, Sarria had to leave the country.

In his twentyfive years of artistic life, Sarria has created and directed over seven plays, which have been presented on different national and international stages and festivals. Among the most wellknown are Muerte arriba: the Sleepless stories, El Viaje (based on Dante’s Inferno) and Cain and the Dogs. Before going into exile, he was dedicated to making and teaching theatre, which he also did with prisoners and former prisoners for eight years.

Gustavo de la Rocha  is a visual artist

Gustavo de la Rocha (León, 1984). Student and visual artist. Rocha has been working with Lleca Teatro since 2015 and went on tour with Cain and the Dogs in 2017. He was also part of the play when it was presented in 2018 during the Central American theatre festival and joined the protests shortly thereafter. Appalled by the teachers and student ‘leaders’ of his university who justified the lethal repression unleashed against the people, Rocha joined the protests in defense of human rights and raised his voice against the regime, taking part in numerous marches and other resistence activities.

Before going into exile, Rocha studied business administration at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN-León), practiced theatre with Lleca Teatro, drew and wrote stories – which he continues to do from exile. He had to suspend his university studies due to the protests and the persecution against his person.

Julio Amaya is music promotor and radio maker

Julio Amaya (León, 1978). Music promotor and radio maker. Julio was also part of Lleca Teatro’s play Cain and the Dogs when it was presented during the Central American theatre festival in 2018. He joined the protests against the regime in April 2018 shortly thereafter. During the brutal repression of the protests, his cousin, a medicine student at the UNAN-León, was shot.

Before going into exile, Julio promoted rock groups in León for over ten years and was dedicated to acting with Lleca Teatro. He also helped with the diffusion of Lleca Teatro’s work on the radio in the university city.

Danilo Castañeda is photo journalist and designer

Danilo Castañeda (Managua, 1986). Photo journalist, designer and student. Danilo joined the protests in Managua after the police began killing the student protesters at the Politechnical University (UPOLI). He donated resources in solidarity with the protests and made documentary photography within the occupied universities.

Before going into exile, Danilo studied graphic design at the UPOLI in Managua and did photography for the cultural blog Palmereando. He has been dedicated to photography since 2013, and collaborated with various social and artistic photographic projects. This is his first time in theatre.

Solange Saballos is a writer, poet and journalist

Solange Saballos (Managua, 1992). Writer, poet, journalist and student. Solange joined the protests in Managua shortly after witnessing the assassination of journalist Ángel Gahona live on social media in April 2018. During the protests she sought to cover what happened at the occupied universities in Managua. She had already received her teaching degree, but was expelled from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN-Managua) for participating in the student occupation of that university, communicating what happened there, and calling for an indefinite student strike. When the police began arresting the expelled students, she fled the country.

Before going into exile, Solange studied Hispanic Language & Literature at the UNAN-Managua and journalism at the University of Managua (UdeM). She started writing short stories and poems when she was a child and has realized multiple cultural projects in literature, film, and cultural management. She is the creator of the cultural blog Palmereando and editor for Central America of the journal Liberoamérica. Her poetry recently appeared in an anthology of current Central American resistance poetry.


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