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Baba, come to me | May 4, 2019 | 6.30pm-7.30pm


Performer: Farah Barqawi

Opening act: ‘Geef je bloot (In de naam van de waarheid) reading by Mira Fetuci

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Farah Barqawi is a Palestinian writer, performer, and editor who was born in the Yarmouk Camp, Damascus, and currently lives in Cairo. At the Freedom Book Fair she will perform ‘Baba, come to me’.
Farah about her play:
“In a letter I write to a curious friend, I attempt to rediscover my relationship with my father through old cassette recordings and memories I have stored within me for years. Through text and sound, I try to understand his feelings and behavior towards me as a female; a child who inevitably grows up to become a woman. I try to reconcile with the ongoing crack in our bond; the love-hate. relationship, the opposing choices, the continuous heaviness of a shattered Palestinian family, and the fortress my father built around his feelings.”
Language: Arabic with English and French subtitles.

Opening act: ‘Geef je bloot (In de naam van de waarheid) reading by Mira Fetuci.
Language: Dutch with English subtitles.


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