Nicaragua in Retrospect | May 3, 2019 | 8.30pm-10pm


Speakers: Camilo Antillón, Diego Coppens, Medica Vandalica

Moderator: Julienne Weegels

Partner organisation: SOSNicaragua-Holanda

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The past year has been very hard on Nicaragua, but has also broken open the gates to a new Nicaragua libre (free Nicaragua). Since April 18th 2018, the force deployed by the government against a surge of popular protest has left over 300 dead, over 2,000 injured, and hundreds extra-legally detained, beaten, and disappeared. This heavy-handed repression, the appearance of paramilitary groups, and the rampant numbers of illegal detentions now resulting in convictions for “terrorism” shocked all of us, but they point to a longer yet well-hidden effort on part of the state to curb people’s human, political and civil rights. At the same time, the massive protests and numerous ways in which the people sought to fight the state’s desire to silence them, prove that the struggle is strong, and that the demand for justice is paramount. How did activists manage to break the silencing power of the state? What techniques and histories of rebellion did they draw on? And what adversities do they face? Three Nicaraguan activists and one researcher will discuss these questions, and engage in discussion with you and one another on possible ways forward.

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May 3




Panel Discussion


English, Español


20:30 – 22:00


SOS Nicaragua-Holanda