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Reclaiming space through writing | May 3, 2019 | 8.30pm-9.45pm



The Freedom Book Fair will offer young writers a platform to expose their work to an audience. The three speakers and performers in this event will demonstrate how they claim their space in society through their writing. The three performers are: Tato Martirossian, Billy Haddad, Öznur Şenyurt and Muzaffer Söylemez.
The speakers will share stories, poems and spoken word performances. They all live in the Netherlands, but each have roots in other countries. How can they let their voice be heard? What struggles do they face? Is there space for them to express themselves? The festival is creating a space where they can hear other voices and find an audience in the Netherlands!
Together with moderator Canan Marasligil they will discuss if and how their identity is intertwined with their writing and how their bi-cultural background inspires them.

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May 3




Panel Discussion


20:30 – 21:45


English, Nederlands